Hello, I am mrjvs

I may be stupid but I know how to make nice looking websites. Oh wait, that was sarcasm. I hate how my sites look.

Facts about me

All of the cards right to this one are all facts about me, I use it to keep lists and thougths. Why not put it all on my site? (Privacy, that's why.) So now I put everything on here. My goals, best movies I've watched, projects I've worked on, My worries, my selfdeprecating thoguhts. Literally everything! I basically made this entire site based around that idea. That's why this is highlighted so much.

Last updated: Jiptember 5th

Top 3 movies


Kimi no na wa (Your Name)


Koe no katachi (A silent voice)


Spirited away

Last updated: Jiptember 5th


I play piano because its fun. I think piano is the best instrument because it sounds nice and its easy to put emotions into the songs, its harder with something like a harpichord which doesnt have touch sensitivity. I play most songs in my own way and improvise new songs to play. I often stream on twitch my piano playing skills and sometimes upload youtube videos.

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Last updated: Jiptember 5th